Curacao Casino Options for Swedish and Nordic Gamblers

Here, we take a deeper look into the online gambling regulations in place and provide information on the benefits and drawbacks of playing at a Curacao casino online.

You will find there are many trusted sites that can be enjoyed by Nordic online players and if you are looking for a great experience, be sure to reference our list of sites. Here, you will find only the most trusted operating casinos and sportsbooks that are known to offer extreme player protection and access to great games.

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For many years, Curacao has been well known for the land casinos offered. Once part of the Netherlands Antilles, Curacao is not part of the ABC Islands and offers multiple land venues for gambling. The largest casino is Carnaval Casino, located at the Renaissance Resort in Willemstad.

This offers 19 table games and over 330 video terminals. As of 2018, master licenses and sublicenses have been granted to allow the operation of online casinos in Curacao. This gambling license is one of the easiest to get, which is why many new operators choose to apply for a license from this Caribbean island.

Read on for more information on Curacao Casino sites and see what is required for a license and how these sites cater to the needs of real money players from all over the world. Curacao currently does not license any online casinos operating in the UK, US, or the Netherlands, yet this is a good option for nordic players since they can benefit from Curacao casino without Swedish license and keep gambling online.

Land based gambling remains popular for visitors, with great locations like the Trupial Inn Hotel, Princess Casino at the Sunscape Curacao Resort, and the San Marco Hotel. However, you don’t need to travel to any place to enjoy the Curacao casino, here at Casinodots we have gathered the best options for Nordic players to enjoy the best of Curacao casino without Swedish license sites.

All About Curacao Casinos

When it comes to online casino licenses, Curacao is one name that stands out in the industry. Curacao was one of the first jurisdictions to ever license online casinos and licenses date back to 1996. Curacao was one of the first locations to realize the potential of revenue from licensing online casinos and when the Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority was established in 1996, it was among the first I the industry to govern and oversee the operation of online casinos, way before the MGA casino license even came out. 

Since that time, more than 460 online casinos have obtained a license from this jurisdiction, and today, new online casinos are always emerging and applying for a Curacao license. Curacao casino without Swedish license sites has become a top choice for Nordic players that wish to play at licensed offshore casino sites. Despite there are multiple Curacao casino sites, you might suppose that not all of them are quite good, and despite that might be the case for some, we decided to feature the best ones we have tried out for all of our readers.

You can find in our list Curacao casino without Swedish license, which Nordic players can sign up too. While these casinos have had some questionable reputations over the years, you can find reliable and trusted sites that will render secure access, fair games, and reliable banking methods. Our casinodots team made their task and collected the best curacao casino sites with the safest rating and great quality of games.

This is one of the reasons why at Casinodots, we wanted to share this great option. You will able to enjoy it on the best and most reliable sites, thanks to our team who reviews and tests them! We can confirm our team has played and is constantly reviewing each one of these Curacao casino options, that plus our reviews will surely help you choose the Curacao casino for you!

One of the main goals of Curacao eGaming is to ensure that all providers and operators adhere to rules and regulations. Casino sites that hold a license under this jurisdiction offer safe environments and license requirements state that strict anti-fraud measures must be in place, you can find curacao casino without Swedish license sites, which are safe too. Here we have curated a list with the best and safest Curacao casino sites that have been personally testes by our team.

At Casinodots we decided this license has become quite handy and a perfect alternative for those players looking for a different experience and we will learn more about it. From its benefits to its weak points, we will cover all the imperative characteristics that players interested in curacao gaming sites should know! That is why we decided to keep a whole section only for the curacao casino sites to keep you up with the best sites to play under this license.

Let’s check more of this oldest license in the iGaming Industry. It is assuring to know these sites are safe. We would like you to learn its perks as its downfalls as well. That is why here at Casinodots, we have gathered and compiled all the information that we consider important and critical for all players interested in playing at a Curacao casino without Swedish license site.

Gaming License Characteristics

One of the first things to mention when it comes to Curacao Casino without Swedish license is that it is one of the easiest and cheapest licenses to obtain. Many casinos will start with a permit from their jurisdiction when they launch. Curacao eGaming issues master licenses that come with a fee of USD 35,000. Aside from this, another reason why it’s easy to obtain the Curacao license. Is that it’s possible to acquire the license in an incredible 2-3 business days!

After casino sites pay the initial fee, they are required to pay a monthly licensing fee of $5,900 per month for the first two years to retain the active license. There is also a 2% tax imposed on all net profits that are generated by the licensed casino site. This is very affordable in comparison to other jurisdictions, making a Curacao license appealing to new operators worldwide.

Therefore there is a high chance you find multiple casino sites operating under the Curacao casino license and this might be overwhelming since not all of them will provide the same quality service or games. Thankfully for you, we have a very comprehensive list of casinos with the Curacao license, and we included only the best of the best in that curated selection of sites. We wanted to present our readers with only the best casinos available to spare them the time looking through a plethora of operators online.

Here at Casinotdots, we have compiled some of the best curacao casino sites that feature amazing bonuses like free spins, top quality service, games variety such slots, and multiple payment options! Curacao casino sites are an excellent alternative for those players looking for a different experience. There are some benefits that we will discuss later on using sites under this license. We will go through these later on.

The master license that is granted from Curacao will cover all forms of online casino gaming, poker games, and as well sports betting. It is a complete licensing solution for sites that offer multiple ways to wager. Players will find a whole list of classic casino games, including slot machines, blackjack, roulette, other table games, video poker, live games, and more. As you can read, the curacao casino sites are equipped with lots of games for you.

Another reason why the Curacao casino license stands out from other options for Swedish players looking for a casino with a variety of games and bonuses. You can tell this by accessing the sites we have featured on our list of curacao casino, where you will be able to explore and choose within a great selection of games to have fun with all kinds of promotions. Curacao casino is not foreign to the best game providers out there, therefore you can bet you will find a great variety of games and new ones being added.

Other jurisdictions will require operators to obtain a license for each form of gambling that will be offered at the site, but for our Nordic readers shouldn’t worry, since we also offer curacao casino without Swedish license sitesCheck out list of featured Curacao casino sites and check our reviews on each site to help you find which one is the right for you. Our team has taken its time and has reviewed all of these curacao casino options for our readers.

The Downfalls of Curacao Casino Site Licenses

By now, you will be aware that it is always beneficial to play at a licensed casino if you are from any Nordic country, but not all licenses are created equal. Curacao tends to attract many rogue casino sites, so this is something to consider when looking at what license is held by a casino that you are considering. The bad thing is that the Curacao license was misused in the past. The misuse was done for purposes that are against what a Curacao casino stands for. Most Curacao casino without Swedish license focus to provide, good quality and limitless entertainment.

If this is something you want to avoid don’t worry, why? Cause here, we made sure to test and keep reviewing the curacao casino without Swedish license websites we recommend, and these websites are trustworthy. Yet, if you want to try something else, then these websites, feel free to check our section and reviews with the best MGA casino sites we have reviewed in Casinotdots

Here at Casinodots we want to make sure you are aware of all the options and benefits of choosing Curacao casino without Swedish license, but also we want to keep you aware of the risks and drawbacks of these sites, here we take a look at some of the reasons this licensing jurisdiction attracts rogue casinos and why you have to take some extra precautions as a player.

  • Low Fees Attract Operators – While a Curacao Casino without Swedish license can be a trusted and honest site, this licensing jurisdiction is known for attracting rogue operators. The low fees that are required to obtain and maintain a license are one of the reasons these dishonest sites are licensed in Curacao. We would like to say that these kinds of sites do not exist, fortunately, the curacao casinos you can encounter in Casinodots are featured on our site thanks to their hard work and support to their players, making them a good option to start playing under this license.
  • Higher Approval Rate – When an online casino applies for a license under another jurisdiction like the UK Gambling Commission, Danish Gambling Authority, or even the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement in the USA, there is a chance of the application being rejected. With Curacao casino licensed, this chance is very slim. This licensing body will approve almost every applicant so they can collect the fees, monthly dues, and the taxes that are required. They are not too concerned with rogue operators as long as fees are paid.
  • Minimal Oversight – Curacao has a reputation of being a hands-off jurisdiction and they do not intervene when they are disputed between players and casinos. They also do not take any disciplinary action on any operator that does not provide a secure environment. While not every Curacao casino without Swedish license is bad or untrustworthy, the standards that Curacao licenses are known for maybe a cause for concern for players looking to engage in safe real money play.

Curacao Casino

Curacao Casino Benefits for Nordic Gamblers

One of the worst feelings you can experience as a gambling lover is to have many restrictions put under you that separate you from your favorite entertaining gambling session after a long day at work, for example. That’s exactly what the situation is with Swedish and Nordic players.

They can’t enjoy the perks of online gambling to their fullest. However, Swedish and Nordic players don’t have to worry too much about that. Generally, players can avoid the Swedish government’s restrictions, and we will explain how in the following lines how Curacao casino without Swedish license can help you enjoy your favorite games as much as you desire.

The online gambling casinos that operate in Sweden are not many because of the country’s very strict regulations. The casinos that work in the country of Sweden are far from enough, but that’s not the only problem with them. Thanks to the many regulations that the Swedish government has in online gambling, players who are using the casinos in the country are restricted in a few ways. For example, they cannot receive any bonuses and have a limit of how much funds they can deposit in these casinos in a specific period.

That’s why gamblers in Sweden are usually looking for online casinos licensed in other countries to avoid these annoying regulations placed over them. With curacao casino as an option, the struggle will not be that bad! Curacao casino without Swedish license is an easy and safe getaway from these restrictions.  Check out the curacao casino sites our teams have reviewed, it’s worth it if you’re considering playing in these sites.

However, as we mentioned, there is an opportunity that awaits Swedish players and resolves their problems entirely by giving them more choices and legal access to satisfying gambling opportunities. This is, of course, the non-Swedish licensed sites, which are basically serving as one of the saviors for players in Sweden and the Nordic region. An example of these non-Swedish licensed casinos is the Curacao licensed casinos. This alone is just one of the best reasons to start playing in a curacao casino without Swedish license.

They are one of the options that are proven to be relatively easy and accessible options for Swedish and Nordic players who are craving to get what is meant to be theirs – Generous bonuses and a thrilling gambling experience in a vast selection of casino games! The curacao casino license has quickly become one of the best alternative for nordic players looking for the best online casino experience.

The casinos with a license from the Curacao gambling commission allow Swedish and Nordic players to use the regular gambling benefits and perks that originally gamblers are bound to enjoy. Vast selection of games, frequent bonuses, and no restrictions will be the daily experience for players that register into any of the Curacao casinos on our list!

The casinos on our list are thoroughly researched by our team to ensure the best gambling experience for our readers. Even if our readers don’t find a Curacao casino with a Swedish license that they like, we offer Curacao casino without Swedish license sites or even MGA casino without a Swedish license. 

However, if MGA casino is not your cup of tea, don’t you worry, cause here in Casinodots you will learn what you need to know about the options that Curacao casino offer, whilst it is not the perfect option doesn’t mean its a bad one. A great way to discover this and prove it is through reading our reviews of our curacao casino featured sites. Our team has carefully reviewed these sites and tested them to assure our readers these are great quality curacao casino licensed sites. Lets learn more of the curacao casino sites we have found and recommend.

Curacao casino without Swedish license can still feature some benefits for those players who register and plays in an online casino under this license. The Curacao license has some of the best online casinos in the market, and one of the oldest around. These benefits are not only linked to receiving bonus promotions after registering or every so often, curacao casino sites offer more than just this so let’s see what are these benefits.

Among the benefits that a curacao casino without Swedish license offers, there are the options to use multiple methods and, some sites have started to implement cryptocurrencies as a method at their sites. Additionally, players can claim free spins and the websites we recommend have a high level of security where player’s information is highly encrypted.

If curacao casino sites are your choice to go then check the sites we have reviewed! Our casino list allows you to check their terms and conditions with just 1 click, and our exclusive reviews of each site describe the main features offered by them. Our team has carefully reviewed the curacao casino without Swedish license from our list and confirmed these are great sites to play at with the opportunity to win more money!

A Curacao casino without Swedish license is a leading choice for many Nordic gamblers. The best casino sites are licensed and offer a layer of protection. While they are not known to be the most secure in the industry or meet extreme standards, there are some trusted sites that can be enjoyed by real money played. For example, the sites that we have carefully reviewed and tested ourselves, are great curacao casino sites you can play at with great protection for its players. Our team made sure to check and use these curacao casino sites a lot, to assure our readers that these offer the best experience out there.

For those that are seeking a licensed casino outside of Sweden, a Curacao casino without Swedish license is a top choice. There are many of these sites operating, so players shave several choices. Despite MGA casino sites are granted some extra benefits, playing in a curacao casino will let Swedish and Nordic players still enjoy the gambling entertainment that curacao license offers

Playing at a Curacao casino offers some great benefits, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. Since players are not visiting many land based casinos, online gambling has become the main focus for players all over the world. The main benefit is that there are no deposit limits. Therefore you can spend as much as you want and have some safe entertainment while playing at a curacao casino, especially if it is one of the sites we recommend.

Recent laws in Sweden have set forth limits on how much residents can deposit to casino accounts on a weekly basis. The current limit is SEK5,000 per week. If you start playing in a curacao casino, you will not face these limits and you will be able to enjoy your gambling. This is just one of the benefits of playing in a curacao casino, lets keep reading to learn more of the other benefits of playing on these sites.

When playing at a site that is licensed by the Curacao eGaming, these limits are not in place, allowing players to deposit higher amounts and play more real money games. As you can appreciate going for a casino without Swedish license or a Curacao casino frees the players from dealing with these limitations which currently, makes this one of the most attractive benefits of using these casino sites.

Another great benefit from Curacao casinos is that they offer numerous amount of bonuses and promotions. In Sweden, restrictions are in a place where online operators can only offer a single welcome bonus to a new player. After that bonus has been claimed, no other promotions will be available. Unlike a curacao casino, this is the only chance to get a casino bonus.

This has deeply impacted a lot of players that used to take this great feature that only online casino sites can offer, therefore downgrading and even ruining the experience for some of these players. Luckily, there is the option to sign up and play at a Curacao Casino! We have even made it easier for you, we have prepared a list of the best Curacao Casino sites available out there.

By playing at a Curacao Casino, these restrictions are not in place, so players will find ongoing casino offers for free cash and free spins to enjoy on their favorite games, enhancing the online gambling experience. This is just one of the reasons why playing at a Curacao casino is a great option for you!

For those that appreciate the thrills of online slots from top providers like NetEnt and Microgaming, there will be no 3 second rule in place at a Curacao casino without Swedish license. This is a rule that has affected Swedish gamblers where operators limit the time between spins on any supported slot game. What is exactly the 3 second rule that is not applied on Curacao casino sites? If you are unfamiliar we will explain it below.

Players must wait three seconds between each spin, slow down the gaming process and reducing the number of spins that can be played. Be sure to check-in with our list of trusted sites to find great slots that can offer huge payouts. With sites under the Curacao casino without Swedish license you don’t have to worry about this. 

Curacao Casino without Swedish license

Identifying a Curacao Casino without Swedish license

As you search for an online casino that will meet all of your gambling needs, the license will play a huge part in your experience. When you are looking for Curacao casino without Swedish license websites, it will not be hard to distinguish these casinos.

The details about all licenses held by any casino without Swedish license will be found in small print at the bottom of the homepage of the website. Here, you will find information on the current license as well as when it was issued. You can go see this and check it by yourself by simply clicking on the curacao casino sites we recommend, right there you will find this print we are talking about.

Here at Casinodots we will try to cover all the bases of the curacao casino sites and we also wanted to share the tips that most players overlook, for example:
For additional details on the current license, you can click on the Curacao eGaming icon that is provided, this will redirect you to a window that will contain all the vital information regarding the license and curacao casino site.

This will launch a window that will list the business name of the casino, the trading name, license number, and the current status of that license. You will also find a button where a complaint can be filed with the gaming control board against the licensed casino if there are problems encountered.

Any legitimate casino that is licensed in Curacao will clearly display the licensing information, so you do not have to wonder whether you are choosing an unlicensed site. If you cannot find any gaming license information listed on the homepage of the selected site chances are it is operating with no license. In this case, we suggest these sites be avoided. That is why we already have a list with the recommended Curacao Casino that you can play at. 

Even though we advise on avoiding some sites, our goal is actually to share with you the places where you can play at a Curacao casino without Swedish license, without worrying about anything, feel free to check our list and read our reviews!

Find the Best Curacao Casino

Nordic players are always looking for trusted and reliable casinos where they can safely engage in real money play. Finding the best Curacao casino without Swedish license is not difficult In fact we make the process very simple by checking out our list of casinos, you will find the most reliable and honest sites in the industry that hold a license from Curacao.

Our sites meet strict criteria and will all offer tested and fair games, the best software providers, great paying bonuses, secure banking options, superb customer support, and mobile access. Curacao Casino without Swedish license is the best option for Nordic players as they don’t have such strict rules as the SGA. 

Swedish players know that an online casino bonus can be bigger. The Swedish license is much stricter, you don’t get a any bonus. At a Curacao casino without Swedish license it looks different. You can get Reload bonuses, free spins, cashback, loyalty and VIP points. All of this is standard in many Curacao casinos.

To ensure you have the best experience, take some time to read our site reviews. Here, you can learn what each Curacao casino without Swedish license has to offer and will learn all about bonus deals, game selections, and player security measures that are in place. As we are only focused on Nordic countries, if you a German we recommend that you read which is focused in bringing casino without German license to German players. 

Despite most likely you reached our page looking for the best curacao casino sites. We will suggest you check as well the other great options our team has compiled for the best casino without license options in our list. These will surely be another great option to consider where choosing where to play.

Curacao Casino

Curacao Casino FAQs

Being an option that most likely not all the players have experience with, here we will cover some of the basic and most common questions regarding playing at a Curacao casino without Swedish license.

Can a Curacao Casino be trusted?

Unfortunately, not all of them. Over the years, licensed casinos in Curacao have had a reputation of being rogue and engaging in fraudulent behavior. Many of these have since been banned and Curacao eGaming has improved their standards when it comes to issuing licenses.
You can find the most trusted sites by referring to our list of Curacao casino without a Nordic License. These ones have been reviewed by our team and we are constantly checking them but so far our list features the best and safest curacao licensed casino online.

Can I file a complaint with Curacao eGaming?

Yes. If you have a problem playing at any site that holds a Curacao license, you can submit a complaint form by contacting Curacao eGaming. However, keep in mind this jurisdiction for not take any active stances in dispute resolution.

What payment methods can be used at a Curacao Casino?

Since these sites will attract many Nordic players, you will find they offer many payment options. A number of Curacao casino sites are Bitcoin casinos, so you can use this trusted cryptocurrency. You will also be able to use Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfers, EasyEFT, ecoPayz, Paysafecard, and many others.

What games can be played at a Curacao Casino?

You will find all types of casino games featured at the best Curacao casino. There will be a large selection of slots including three and five-reel game and progressives, multiple cards and table games, live dealer options, specialty titles, and video poker. Some of the best sites will also offer sports betting that can be enjoyed with the same account.

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