Unlicensed Casino list 2021

Nordic Players Seek for Casino without license

Online gambling in Sweden and many other Nordic countries is a popular pastime and many residents have turned to Unlicensed Casino sites to play real money games. We have listed the best Unlicensed Casino sites where Nordic residents can play legally in a safe and fun environment. All our recommended sites are still obtaining a license from there respective countries (Malta or Curacao) and are accessible for Scandinavian players. This basically means that even though these are unlicensed casino sites, these are available for Nordic players to continue having fun with their gambling.

BluVegas Casino

57 ratings
20 % Cashback
Terms & Conditions
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  • Trustly
  • Instant banking
  • Great Live Casino

Rant Casino

45 ratings
100% Bank ID Bonus 1000€
Terms & Conditions
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  • Accept nordic players
  • Direct banking
  • Malta license

Tsars Casino

38 ratings
100% up to 2000€
Terms & Conditions
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  • 200 Free Spins
  • Several language options
  • Support available 24/7


18 ratings
Play with BANK ID + 200 Free Spins
Terms & Conditions
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  • Bank ID Casino
  • Best Live Casino games
  • Available in several languages

Crazy Fox

43 ratings
Up to 20% Cashback On every deposit
Terms & Conditions
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  • Unlimited payment options
  • Support available 24/7
  • Mobile casino is available


61 ratings
100% up to 300€ Live Casino Bonus
Terms & Conditions
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  • Functioning android and iOS app
  • Leading software providers
  • Many live casino games

Mason Slots

24 ratings
100% up to 200€
Terms & Conditions
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  • 50 Free Spins
  • Over +5000 Games
  • Friendly User Design


31 ratings
100% bonus up to 200 EURO
Terms & Conditions
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  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Fiat and Crypto Casino
  • High Withdrawal Limits

Casoo Casino

42 ratings
100% up to 2000€ + 200 Free Spins
Terms & Conditions
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  • SSL encryption
  • Several payment options
  • Reputable software providers

TOP 4 Casinos without license 2021

Just like when you choose any licensed casino, there are things to consider before you create an account online. We have created a list of the Top 4 Unlicensed Casino sites based on strict criteria that we recommend that you follow. All of the sites you will find promoted here provide secure access and will offer a great way to engage in legal real money play. You no longer have to deal with the Swedish monopoly or the latest restrictions on online gambling. You can simply select one of our unlicensed casino, which will accept Nordic players and provide an exceptional experience where you will be allowed to continue enjoying your favorite games safely at the best online casino without Swedish license.

Sweden Changes Gambling Laws 

In 2018, some new changes were made to existing laws in Sweden about online gambling. A new law allowed foreign operators to apply for a license to operate in Sweden, with the license issued by the Swedish Gambling Authority. The overall goal of the new law is to force out any casino without license that is currently operating in the country and to provide enhanced protection to players who are playing online.

The result of the new law saw many online casinos being awarded licenses to provide real money gambling services in Sweden. Any online casino site that is licensed in the country will have to meet strict criteria to obtain and retain the license. Here we will share some of the best unlicensed casino sites for Swedish players.

With us, you are guaranteed to get the best casino without Swedish license. You can play safely your favorite games, this is thanks to our Casinodots team, who is constantly checking the latest updates and trying out the unlicensed casino sites emerging thanks to their effort, we at Casinodots can offer you the best options for a casino without license.

While the change brought about a rise in the availability of online casinos. Players have noticed many changes that impact their gaming experience. Two principal changes have affected how Swedish players gamble online and enjoy real money play. Here we have analyzed them and will explain briefly these two major differences that unlicensed casino has changed for those users who choose to play in casinos like these:

  • Removal of Bonus Offers – One thing that changed when foreign operators were allowed to operate is the way bonuses are offered. Prior to the latest law, an online casino could offer a welcome bonus and ongoing deals. Now, players are restricted to a single welcome bonus with no free spins or other promotions being made available after claiming the initial offer. The lack of bonuses alone has driven many players to play at an unlicensed casino where bonuses are unlimited and unrestricted.
  • 3-Second Slot Rule – Another major issue with the Swedish Gambling Act is the imposed 3-second rule. This applies to play slot games, which are quite popular with almost every online gambler. With the latest Act, there is a three-second period in between spins. This has been implemented to prevent players from rushing to the next spin and to hopefully curb gambling problems. The rule was introduced by the Swedish State and the Gaming Inspectorate after the online gaming market was regulated in 2019. If you are a slots fan, this is obviously an inconvenience but is one you can avoid by playing at any casino without license.

These changes did impact one of the key features for the MGA license, bonus promotions, and online casino. Due to this change, more players looked the other way, and went for casino without Swedish license sites, here you will find the best ones for you.

For those Swedish or Nordic players, one of the few ways to keep enjoying bonuses is aiming and looking for a Curacao casino without Swedish license, these sites allow players to experience more of what used to be their previous online casino without license experience since it comes with fewer limitations.

In our casino without Swedish license list, you will have access to the terms & conditions of the site, along with some of their main features. We welcome you to start reading the input for each unlicensed casino site we have reviewed and personally tailored with our experiences for you to grasp the options that each site offers you. Once you find the unlicensed casino of your preference you can sign up and start playing, as well you can check on the footer and learn more about each of these casinos sites.

2020 Regulatory Changes

Due to current Covid-19 issues that are affecting Sweden and countries all over the world, Sweden has seen a huge spike in the number of residents that are accessing online casino without license. With online sportsbooks not available to the same extent as before, many are turning their attention to placing bets on casino games offered online.

This is why our team at Casinodots wanted to make this transition to an online casino without Swedish license safe and effortless for all the Nordic players. With our website and content, it will be easier to choose one place to keep enjoying gambling. Our team reviewed these unlicensed casino sites to check from the safety to their promotions and games offered, as well, our team wrote their reviews on each site. Feel free to read our unlicensed casino site reviews to know to learn more about each site and help you choose the right one.

In June 2020, the government of Sweden approved plans to make temporary restrictions for the regulated online casino market in the country. The goal is to prevent players from any harm from gambling during a pandemic. With these restrictions in force, players looking to enjoy the casino entertainment are still required to look for unlicensed casino sites to enjoy bonus promotion and still have some safe fun from the comfort of their homes.

The new restrictions will be in place until the end of 2020 and will apply to all online casino games and slots. Players who don’t really want or need to go through these temporary restrictions can consider using unlicensed casino sites to work around these regulations and here at Casinodots, we have the best sites reviewed. Even if these restrictions extend to the whole of 2021, here at Casinodots we will have the best options of unlicensed casino sites for you! Choose your casino without Swedish license to play and start having fun with the sites we recommend!

With the latest changes, Swedish gamblers will have a mandatory weekly deposit limit in place. This will restrict them from depositing only SEK5,000 per week to an account and licensed operators are only allowed to offer bonuses up to SEK100. Players are also required to set time limits on how long they can play at any licensed operator in Sweden. Important to note that these limits requirements are not needed on an unlicensed casino.

Despite these limits are intended to protect Swedish players who have a hard time finding a balance while playing, this regulation has ruined the experience for many gamblers whereas in a casino without Swedish license they would not need this limit. Having said this, now you have another reason to check out the unlicensed casino sites we have compiled, feel free to check them out. Our team has carefully reviewed the best sites and tried them themselves, as a result you have access to the best unlicensed casino sites out there.

While these changes are steps taken to protect gamblers in Sweden, there have already been negative results. Players are looking for an unlicensed casino in the country where these restrictions are not in place. These might lead to some of them being victims or falling into the rogue unlicensed casino sites that may take advantage of the desire of gaming.

This is one of the reasons we decided to create a place where these players could look for the best and safest options, that’s how Casinodots was born! And our reason to be here, is to help all the players to find the most entertaining and secure casino without Swedish license sites out there! Unlicensed casino is the answer for a lot of swedish players looking for amazing sites to keep playing!

Online gamblers want the freedom to play as often as they like and to make deposits that suit their personal budget. Swedish operators are urging the government to drop the restrictions as they are already hurting the market and causing players to seek out an unlicensed casino to play real money games. In the meantime, all of the players who had their experience affected by this can check our reviews for the best unlicensed casino options available for you. These casino without swedish license sites have been carefully reviewed and tested by our team, that’s why we can recommend them for all the players looking for a safe and fun site to play.

Here at Casinodots, we will keep you posted with all the new possible changes that 2021 will bring, and if some of the regulatory changes of 2020 change or remain for an extended time, we will cover all you need to know about the casino without Swedish license sites. Read our unlicensed casino featured sites reviews and go check them out, these are the best sites our team has compiled for our readers.

That is why we at Casinodots want to guide you through some options that you could explore in the meantime and continue enjoying your gaming responsibly without going through the current restrictions. It will keep you safe from any illegal or rogue casino. Keep reading to learn the details of unlicensed casino and how to enjoy them responsibly while being able to spend a good while when playing.


Online Alternatives for Swedish and Nordic Gamblers

As humans, there is hardly a worse feeling than the one when you want to do something, but current circumstances stop you. That has been the situation with the Covid-19 pandemic. That is also the situation with the newly placed gambling restrictions on Swedish and German players. When you can’t play your favorite casino games, it is not one of the pleasant feelings you can experience in your life.

Also, it’s not that fun anymore if you are having many restrictions like a deposit cap or the unavailability of bonuses and promotions, which, to be honest, is one of the favorite parts of the gambling world for many. These is something that has pushed players to look for unlicensed casino sites.

For those that wish to avoid the new regulations, deposit limits, and want promotions, there are options out there. Since Sweden has announced these temporary restrictions, casinos that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission have also considered implementing similar restraints at operating British casino sites. Many Swedish and German players have enjoyed access to UK licensed sites, so these will also be off the table until the end of the year for most players.

Luckily, the gambling world is constantly evolving, and sometimes it provides you with opportunities that allow you to avoid regulations like these. With the rising popularity and higher adoption rate of cryptocurrencies, one of these options is indeed, cryptocurrency casinos. Each day more and more casinos are adapting the cryptocurrencies into their core entertainment and more are emerging, some of these as well could the under a unlicensed casino type.

The cryptocurrency market is not regulated by any organization or government, so Bitcoin casinos without Swedish licenses are not affected by the latest regulations that took place. That being said, in these crypto casinos, you will be able to enjoy online gambling just like you usually would by taking advantage of attractive bonuses and not having to obey any rules for depositing or withdrawing funds. That way you can play any games. 

However, there is a bit of a problem here. To find crypto casinos like these, you will have to go through extensive research. As you know, it’s not advised to register into a casino before doing your homework first to understand what you are getting into. But you don’t have to even think about that because we got your back. Here in Casinodots, we have compiled the best possible options for you where you can safely enjoy the regular perks of online gambling. If, by any chance, some of these sites are not fitting for your gambling preferences, feel free to check out our other sections, like our featured list of MGA casino without Swedish license sites!

Many of these sites operate with a license from Curacao, but there are also unlicensed casino sites that offer player protection, secure transactions, and trusted games. Aside from leading Bitcoin sites, you can find licensed casinos that accept Sweden and German players that are regulated in Malta and Curacao. However, these benefits also apply to curacao casino sites so if you want to try some of the best sites, check our unlicensed casino list and look for the curacao casino options!

While these do not follow Swedish gambling laws, they do provide a legal option for players. You can benefit from any of our casino without license sites that are listed and will be able to enjoy a secure experience when playing for real money. You don’t have to worry about anything, if you encounter any issue you are protected by the license. If you are German, and looking for a Casino ohne deutsche Lizenz, casinowithoutgermanlicense.com is the site for you. 

Benefits of Casino without license

Unlicensed casino websites are an excellent solution for Swedish gamblers, for those that are looking to play games with no restrictions. As a player, you do not just have to look for an unlicensed online casino. You can look for sites that are not regulated by the Swedish government, which will also allow you to avoid these new regulations. Sites licensed by the Government of Curacao or the Malta Gaming Authority would be great options just for you. That way, you can start playing all your favorite games, completely legal.

By choosing to play at any of our casino without license websites or websites that are licensed under other licensing jurisdictions, there are some great benefits. For Swedish gamblers, bonuses and free spins are not an option at licensed sites in Sweden. This lack of bonus comes to be a let down for many Swedish players under the Swedish license and might have ruined their experience. However, not everything is lost since you can play at unlicensed casino websites.

Due to the gambling laws changed in 2019, bonuses were eliminated while operating under a Swedish license. However, with sites running with a license from Curacao or Malta bonuses will be available once again! Additionally, we have more options for playing at an unlicensed casino site where all the players can seize the opportunity to use bonuses! This means that playing in a casino without Swedish license you wont have to worry for this. This is just one of the advantages that you can find in a unlicensed casino.

With casino without license websites, Nordic players can enjoy their favorite games having access to the bonuses that were available before the changes applied back in 2019, enjoy free spins, reload bonuses, cashback offers, and more again! This way, it is possible to have the same entertaining experience before the Swedish changes, thanks to the accessibility allowed by unlicensed casino sites that still offer bonus promotions to all its players.

If players prefer to gamble using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, they will find there are many casinos that are not licensed but still offer enhanced protection on all transactions. These casinos are known to provide safe deposits and withdrawals and provide access to a huge array of games, from slots to blackjack and everything in between. This thanks to the security that crypto transactions can offer, even to unlicensed casino sites, as per tools like the blockchain. Having said this, it is quite easy to grasp that playing in an unlicensed casino is safe since you don’t have to share your financial information.

Gaming websites with an international license give you more freedom in two ways. You can play without a low wagering limit. Depending on the slot machine, stakes of up to 50 euros and more are permitted per game. In live dealer games such as blackjack or baccarat, the possible stakes can even run into the thousands. Another point is the lack of deposit limits at casinos without Swedish license. The gaming volume at your favorite casinos is virtually unlimited. Every player can decide for himself how much he wants to deposit.

Unlicensed casino sites, despite their risks, have come to prove they hold benefits for Swedish. More Nordic players, avoiding the limitations that the Swedish license has integrated since 2019. How is this relevant in 2021? Since the implementation of the promotion ban for Swedish players in 2019, they still need to look for unlicensed casino sites to enjoy bonus promotions.

Many of our recommended Malta and Curacao licensed websites to offer secure access. BankID can be used to link your bank account to the casino account, avoiding the standard registration process and many options to deposit. This option makes the casino without Swedish license a place to deposit safely and easily. This is a smart and helpful option for those looking for unlicensed casino sites without worrying about safety during payments.

As you can see, there are many benefits to playing at an unlicensed casino that still offer player protection, secure access, trusted banking options, and some of the best games online on the web, and we at Casinodots understood this and want to make sure everyone can easily find the best options to play at casinos without license.

Casino without license

Risks of Unlicensed Casino

Before you jump in and create an account at casino without Swedish license, there are some risks to be aware of. You may not have the same options when it comes to dispute resolution and may find limited customer support options.

If you choose to play at a site that is licensed under the jurisdiction of Curacao, you will find that casinos are not tied down or restricted as much as those with licensed from other areas. Curacao licenses are generally easy to obtain and do not require routine audits or specific player protection policies. They are still relatively safe. 

Real money gamblers will be required to pay a 30% tax on winnings when playing at an online casino with a license outside of Europe. These online casinos include those that hold a license from Curacao. Any winnings exceeding 100 SEK will need to pay taxes. To avoid taxes, choose our sites licensed in Malta. MGA casino without Swedish license do not have to pay any taxes for their player winnings, even though these sites do not operate with a Swedish license.

This list provides you with a quick reference point on the drawbacks of playing at casino without Swedish license websites. While these things are not always a problem, they are concerns to think about when making the choice to play at any site that is not regulated or licensed under a reputable jurisdiction. 

  • Limited player protection
  • Transactions are not guaranteed secure
  • Non-payment of winnings is a possibility
  • Games are not audited by third-party companies
  • Bonuses can have high wagering requirements
  • Complaints cannot be filed with a regulatory body
  • SEK may not be supported as a currency

Finding the Best Casino without Swedish License

If you are a Swedish or Nordic gambler that is looking to avoid the current restrictions and enjoy gambling freedom, you have come to the right place since we provide the option to play at an online casino without Swedish license websites. Here you can discover and learn about all the useful features that an unlicensed casino site can deliver to all the Swedish players looking to enjoy their casino gameplay.

We provide a list of casinos that are not licensed in Sweden, but still offer all the games you enjoy and the protection you deserve. These sites will gladly accept players from Sweden, Norway and other Nordic countries. If you are from one of these countries you can sign up today, and start playing completely legal at a casino without Swedish license. These sites unlicensed in Sweden provide you with all the fun and bonuses that you might not be able to enjoy in Swedish licensed site, without sacrificing quality or your security online.

Despite the sites might come with their ups and downs, we are confident to say that the unlicensed casino sites featured in Casinodots are the best options for players to check and try something different and less restricting in comparison to the Swedish licenses. This because we have personally tried each one of the casino without license featured on our list, we can even share that our team has been having fun playing occasionally on each site.

How do we share what we have gathered? The answer is located in the reviews we have tailored for our readers on each site, describing their major strengths and benefits to all the new players to these unlicensed casino sites! You can see the sites under the Casino without Swedish license on our page and read our reviews. These reviews summarize the key features of each one of these unlicensed casino sites.

Not only do we present options for a casino without Swedish licenses, but you will also find many sites that are operating with a license from the MGA or Curacao. Whether you choose to play at a licensed site or one with no license, you will find the same casino services and the same types of casino games to enjoy. One advantage of an unlicensed casino is that you will be able to access all promotions. 

Here, you can choose from a list of sites that have been tested by our experts and are deemed safe and secure. The difference between a Curacao Casino and MGA Casino license is not big, so you can choose your favorite casino without license on our top-list, and be sure that you will be having a great experience. For now, let’s continue learning and discovering more about unlicensed casino sites and recognizing their main key points with our guide and summaries!

Here are the things we look at as we review any casino without Swedish license. These will all play a part in your gaming experience in the future, so if you are considering any site that we do not have listed, make sure to think about the following things:

  • Choose sites using trusted and reliable software providers
  • Compare games by playing for free to learn about slot selections and table game offerings
  • Watch for ongoing bonuses after the initial welcome deal
  • Review the banking methods and make sure you can use a trusted option
  • Check the supported currencies
  • Review customer support options and watch for sites with 24-hour live chat

unlicensed casino

Unlicensed Casino FAQs

Here we will cover some of the most common doubts some players have related to playing in a casino without license. If you are looking to get started playing at a casino without license, we offer this quick FAQ section that can provide you with answers to commonly asked questions.

You can also reach out to use at Casinodot.com with your inquiries and we will help you make the right decision about playing at a casino without Swedish license or sites that are licensed under other jurisdictions.

Will I get fined if I play at unlicensed casino from Sweden?

No. The Swedish gambling laws do not prevent any player from accessing any unlicensed casino, so there are no fines or penalties involved. Rest assured you can play safely at the online casino without Swedish license sites that we have listed in Casinodots.

Do I need to declare winnings and pay taxes from unlicensed casino sites?

If you play on a casino without license in Sweden you can keep all payouts and not be taxed. For example, if you are playing from Scandinavia on a casino obtaining a Malta license you don’t need to pay tax on your winnings.

Will an unlicensed casino support popular payment methods?

Yes! The unlicensed casino sites listed offer a full list of methods that can be selected. You will find you can manage an account using popular payment options like Instant Banking, Visa, MasterCard, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, Neteller, EcoPayz, Skrill, Trustly, and many others.

What games are offered at casinos without license in Scandinavia?

The casinos without license we recommend offer slots from the best providers like NetEnt, Betsoft, Microgaming, Playtech, or IGT. You can play your favorite table games like Blackjack and Roulette or enjoy some Live Casino action! Check the trusted sites we have reviewed and start exploring your favorites online casino without license games and win amazing prizes!

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